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    Fairy Crassula

    Crassula multicava

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     Fairy Crassula (7927859708159)
     Fairy Crassula (7927859708159)
     Fairy Crassula (7927859708159)
     Fairy Crassula (7927859708159)

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    Fairy Crassula

    Fairy Crassula

    Crassula multicava

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    Mature height
    9-12 in.
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    Sun exposure
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    Grows Well in Zones
    9, 10
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    Crassula multicava is a good, soft spreading succulent for dry shade and grows well under oaks, pines, and other trees. Lush looking evergreen mounds of flat, oval, deep green leaves in opposite pairs on vertical stems form an emerald carpet that conceals fallen tree leaves. In winter, dainty 4-point star-shaped white flowers emerge from pink buds in showy sprays on reddish stems held above the foliage for a magical, fairy dust effect in the garden. Fairy Crassula is drought tolerant, low maintenance, and easy to grow. Tolerant of poor soil and deep shade, use in rock gardens, slopes, or in mass. Crassula multicava can rapidly spread by plantlets that develop in flower axils after flowering; or take root from leaves that fall or break off but can easily be controlled or removed thanks to its shallow roots.

    Plant care

    Tolerates a variety of soil types but must have good drainage. Water deeply after planting to establish the roots, then water as needed. Prune stems to encourage fullness or pull out to control spread. Drought tolerant once established but may look better with some supplemental water. Looks lush in shade but will grow in full sun in coastal areas. The pitted leaves, which look like pores, can vary in shades of green depending on the light intensity.

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