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    Bird of Paradise

    Strelitzia reginae

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    Bird of Paradise (7823953821951)
    Bird of Paradise (7823953821951)
    Bird of Paradise (7823953821951)
    Bird of Paradise (7823953821951)

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    Bird of Paradise

    Bird of Paradise

    Strelitzia reginae

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    Plant Type
    Shrub, Perennial
    Mature height
    3-5 ft.
    Mature Width
    4-6 ft.
    Sun exposure
    Full Sun
    Growth Rate
    Grows Well in Zones
    9, 10, 11
    Flowering Season
    Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
    Attracts Wildlife
    Pollinators, Bees, Butterflies, Birds
    Flowering, Drought Tolerant, Deer Resistant
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    The Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae) is an exotic perennial that is native in tropical and subtropical regions. It is a popular landscape plant that adds a unique and vibrant look to any garden or outdoor space. It is a striking plant with its bright green leaves, its large and colorful flowers, and its iconic shape.

    Strelitzia reginae is known for its ability to thrive in a wide range of conditions, making it a great choice for gardeners of all levels. It is winter hardy to 25-30? and requires minimal care to enjoy its beauty and long-lasting blooms. In mild, frost free climates, Bird of Paradise is evergreen and blooms almost year round. The clumps of large leathery leaves on stiff stems tolerate the strong Santa Ana winds fairly well.

    The Bird of Paradise is a versatile plant that can be used as an accent piece in a garden, as a specimen plant in a container garden. Its large, asymmetrical flowers bloom brilliantly in orange and blue, making it a great choice for adding a pop of color to any landscape. The long-lasting flowers are excellent in cut-flower arrangements. Bird of Paradise is a great choice for attracting birds and butterflies to your garden.

    Plant care

    When it comes to proper care, the Bird of Paradise does best in well-drained soil and in an area that receives full sun in coastal gardens and light afternoon shade in hotter inland areas. 

    Water regularly and deeply for a few years to establish roots then reduce frequency and water as needed depending on environmental conditions. Strelitzia reginae is moderately drought tolerant but looks better with regular water. 

    Bird of Paradise grows best in loam soil but is very adaptable to multiple soil types. Apply fertilize in early spring before the new growth emerges. Prune to remove spent flowers and dead leaves as needed. 

    With the right care and maintenance, the Bird of Paradise can be a stunning addition to any outdoor space. It is a low-maintenance plant that is sure to add a unique and vibrant look to any landscape.


    Q: What are the ideal growing conditions for Bird of Paradise?
    A: Bird of Paradise thrives in warm, humid climates and prefers well-draining soil. It requires plenty of sunlight, but also needs protection from direct afternoon sun. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

    Q: How often should Bird of Paradise be watered and fertilized?
    A: Bird of Paradise should be watered deeply once a week during the growing season and less frequently during the dormant season. Fertilizer should be applied every 2-3 weeks during the growing season with a balanced fertilizer.

    Q: How do you propagate Bird of Paradise?
    A: Bird of Paradise can be propagated through division or by collecting and planting its seeds. It is best to propagate during the spring or early summer when the plant is actively growing.

    Q: Can Bird of Paradise be grown in containers?
    A: Yes, Bird of Paradise can be grown in containers as long as they are large enough to accommodate the plant's root system. It is important to use a well-draining soil mix and to keep the plant's soil moist but not waterlogged.

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