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    7 Palm Tree Landscape Ideas

    7 Palm Tree Landscape Ideas

    If you’re looking to strike a balance between timeless elegance and endless relaxation, no landscaping addition does it better than the regal palm tree. 

    Palm trees are ideal for adding a tropical flair to any outdoor space where the climate permits, with their dramatic stature, gorgeous, wind-swept leaves, and commanding height. But with such an eye-catching presence, how can you integrate this iconic plant into the visual tableau you’re after?

    Whether you’ve got a seasoned green thumb or you’re a newcomer to gardening, palm trees can be a glamorous and accessible addition to any outdoor venue. With these 7 palm tree landscape concepts and a few helpful planting tips up your sleeve, you can conjure a creation that would make any professional landscaper giddy.

    #1 Frame Your Driveway

    Greet visitors or give your own cars a “Welcome Home!” present every day by framing your driveway with beautiful, breezy palms. If you have a curved driveway, you can line palm trees alongside it for a lovely sinuous feel. Alternatively, you can use palm trees as an accent motif, like plotting one palm on either side of your garage door. 

    #2 Spruce Up Your Pool Area

    If you’re already in a palm tree-friendly climate, you may be the owner of your very own backyard pool (lucky you!). Whether you hail from California, Arizona, or Florida, create your own personal paradise by surrounding your pool area with lazy, swaying palm trees.

    But poolside palm trees don’t just create a tropical getaway feel. They can also provide functional benefits, including:

    • Adding shade if you’re spending long hours in the sunshine
    • Offering easy maintenance for you or gardening staff
    • Providing opportunities to mount a hammock or other on-theme seating

    Plus, you’ll save plenty on palm tree-inspired décor at your next pool party when you’ve got the real thing out back!


    #3 Mix Up Your Foliage

    If you’re looking to add some visual interest to make your landscaping pop, try mixing different species of palms together. Palm trees come in various shapes and sizes, and planting multiple varietals can create a stunning, textured display. 

    Give your landscape an eclectic feel with palm trees that make a statement, such as:

    • Mediterranean Fan Palms – This medium-sized palm boasts beautiful leaves reminiscent of a fan. Pairing a textured leaf like this with large, flat foliage can add a layer of gorgeous greenery.

    • King Palm – This handsome palm grows in full sun-to-part shade with occasional summer watering, making it a popular pick by California residents. With bright green feathery leaves and weeping clusters of amethyst flowers that hang from the base of the crown, you can bring the resort to your backyard.

    • Pygmy Date Palms – Since this tree is technically a dwarf palm, you can fit them easily between other types of trees and bushes. With their compact and non-invasive roots, you can create a thick jungle-inspired look for your outdoor space. 

    • Windmill Palm – To vary your canopy landscape, opt for a lovely palm tree that sits lower to the ground. Dwarf palmettos have much less trunk than their palm siblings, allowing them to be used as a specimen tree in smaller places.

    If you’re wondering what other types of palms could pair well together, feel free to browse our online catalog. Whether you prefer a trio of trees or stand-alone soloists, a perfect palm can bring harmony to any outdoor space. 

    #4 Dress Up Your Front Door

    Lend a regal air to the entrance to your home or place of business with the help of some stunning palm trees. Adding extra tall palms on either side of your central doorway can conjure associations with Old Hollywood, beachside villas, or classic Californian estates. With an entrance this luxurious, you’ll look for excuses to make a grand entrance again and again.

    #5 Create an Island

    Palm trees’ stature and elegance offer more than fringe benefits when you turn them into an eye-catching centerpiece. If you’ve got ample space on your lawn or driveway, you can cordon off a portion and turn it into a lush, decorated island. Even better? This layout lets you create your vision incrementally, giving you the freedom to continually expand as time goes on. 

    Stumped on how to get started with your palm tree island? We love eye-catching additions like:

    • Shrubbery
    • Fountains and water fixtures
    • Flower bushes
    • Bamboo
    • Stones
    • Fruit trees
    • Statues

    To go that extra mile, opt for an unconventionally shaped island. For example, try creating a horseshoe formation instead of the classic circle shape. This way, you can open up your space and even place some furniture in the middle. What better way to enjoy your morning coffee than on a stylish chair and table set or a swinging lounger?

    #6 Give Yourself Some Privacy

    Palm trees offer beautiful views and stylish flair, but did you know they’re also very functional? Palms can also add a layer of privacy that some find very appealing. 

    Create a breezy barrier by lining palm trees along your backyard fence for extra coverage. Or, plant some in front of your street-facing window to reduce visibility and muffle unwanted street sounds. 

    #7 Add Some Drama

    Palm trees naturally attract onlookers’ attention with their height, and you can capitalize on this drama by placing them strategically to bring out the best in your property. 

    A precisely placed palm tree can: 

    • Elongate – Achieve more visual depth by introducing a straight row of palm trees. Whether you’re looking to stretch out your driveway or a fence, placing palm trees equidistant from each other along the sides can give the impression of more space. 

    • Heighten – Choose a tall palm varietal to draw the eye upwards. Tall palms can help highlight elevated details such as intricate roofing, windows, or painting details. 

    • Emphasize – If there’s a feature on your property that you’d like to highlight, a palm tree can give it the limelight it deserves. For instance, got a fountain you’d like to show off? Place palm trees on the opposite ends of it. Proud of your neatly groomed hedges? Plant a palm tree behind them to enhance their pristine look. 

    Though these drama-filled palms may look high-maintenance, they don’t need to be waited on hand and foot. Enjoy the dramatic flair of palm trees without the dramatic upkeep. 

    Tips For Planting Palm Trees

    Before you embark on your landscaping journey, it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with some palm tree procedures. While palm trees can make gorgeous and sturdy staples to any landscape, they can require some attention at the earlier stages of development.

    You’ll find planting palm trees much more successful if you take care to:

    • Plant at the proper level – Resist the urge to bury your palm trees deep beneath the surface. If the base falls too deep, palm trees struggle to obtain the nutrients they need. On the flip side, palm trees that take root in a shallow hole may suffer from foundational issues as they grow. To find their sweet spot, ensure the top of the root rests about 1” beneath the surface.    

    • Remove leaves carefully – Only remove leaves that look completely dead. Removing leaves too early can lead to nutrient deficiency throughout the entire tree. 

    • Beware of overwatering – Too much watering can lead to root rot which can kill your tree if not treated immediately. Keep an eye out for droopy fronds or any signs of root decay. 

    • Use slow-release fertilizer – Too much fertilizer at once can shock a palm tree’s system and overload it with stress. Opt for a fertilizer that releases nutrients gradually to keep your palm thriving such as the Kellogg Gromulch Premium Planting Mix & Mulch.

    Palm tree care can vary slightly depending on the type of tree you’re planting. As a precaution, you should always conduct research on your chosen palm type or consult with a plant specialist you trust.

    Express Yourself with Plants Express

    Whether you’re renovating a resort or freshening up your own living space, palm trees have a knack for bringing a sense of exotic luxury to any landscape. But you don’t need to head to foreign soil to find the perfect palms for your next project.

    Plants Express makes launching your next project frictionless and inspired—all while keeping your resources close to home. Whatever your gardening experience, our collection lets you channel your overall vision from tropical paradises to homey cottage aesthetics. Plus, with free delivery services and years of botanical expertise, we’re here to get you started on the right foot.

    To get started, browse over our plant varieties catalog and turn your landscape into a dreamland with Plants Express. 


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