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    10 Fast-Growing Trees for California Homes

    7 Fast-Growing Trees for California Homes

    Countless poems have been written about them. Songs have been sung in their honor. Children flock to their heights, and people of any age delight in their beauty and shade. If there is one thing for certain in this world, it is this: Trees are one of the splendid specimens on Earth.

    California is home to some of the most magnificent of them. From some of the world’s oldest living redwoods in the Sierra Nevada mountains to the ever-exquisite Methuselah in Death Valley’s Inyo County, the Golden State positively flourishes with many of the most marvelous trees on the planet.

    If you own a slice of California landscape, there’s a solid chance you would like to invite trees into your environs. But you may not want to wait the years and years it takes for trees like White Oaks and California Junipers to reach their maturity. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of ten California fast growing trees that are ideal for California properties—and are bound to bring you a lasting smile.

    #1 Haas Avocado 

    There’s a reason why avocados are found on restaurant menus throughout California. Second to Mexico, the United States is the largest producer of avocados—and the Golden State generates roughly 90% of the national supply. 

    Why? Because avocado trees thrive in California’s climate, particularly in the more humid regions of Southern California.

    One of the beauties of Reed Avocado trees is that they can begin producing their buttery, delicious fruit in as little as one to two years. They also have the capability to reach 37 feet tall, rendering these trees a leading choice for providing you with an extra measure of privacy.

    #2 Palo Verde Multi

    There are few sights more spectacular than a giant tree blossoming with bright yellow flowers.

    This is precisely what you will find with the Palo Verde Multi tree, also known as Cercidium ‘Desert Museum’ Multi, as it produces sunshine-hued buttercup blooms during the spring months. This is the perfect tree for either dry climates but it can also thrive in most drought tolerant settings in California.

    As a bonus, not only are Palo Verde Multi well known for its quick growth, but they are well known for their lack of thorns, unlike other fast growing trees such as the locust tree or the hawthorn tree.

    #3 Jacaranda 

    Jacaranda Trees are a popular fast growing option for those looking for an abundance of shade.
    They produce vivid green fern-like foliage, beautiful displays of lavender blue flower clusters that create a spectacular show from spring to summer and usually drop in late winter. 

    Native to Central and South America — regions that are known for their warm climates — Jacaranda Trees grow up to 40 feet tall and with arching branches, making them a striking landscape accent or street tree. 

    While Jacaranda Trees can tolerate some shade, they typically flower best in a sunny location, making them the perfect option for sunny California regions. 

    #4 Red Crape Myrtle

    Red Crape Myrtle Trees add a dramatic dash of pinkish red to landscaping, which is one of several reasons this fast-growing tree is woven into California yards.

     This majestic tree is a hybrid between L. indica and L. fauriei and grow as shrubs or train into small trees as an accent to your front yard. 

    Red Crape Myrtle trees require:

    • Full sun exposure to ensure their vibrant red flower color does not fade
    • Moderate watering
    • An area that with well-drained soil

    #5 Italian Cypress

    If you’re intent on finding a tree that not only grows rapidly in full sun but can also serve as a privacy tree, weigh the idea of incorporating Italian Cypress’ in your landscaping. 

    Native to the eastern Mediterranean region, this evergreen coniferous tree can help block the wind and protect the delicate flowers in your yard as their height can reach up to 60 feet or more. Despite their tall build, Italian Cypress’ typically require little maintenance and thrive on their own in sun-exposed areas with moderate water requirements. 

    To nurture its growth capacities, be sure to plant in an area that is well-drained and continue to water regularly until they are well established.

    #6 Valley Oak

    The Valley Oak is a large, deciduous oak tree that is Native to the interior valleys of California and is known as the state’s mightiest oak trees! With a massive trunk and picturesque, long limbs, the Valley Oak can provide plenty of shade for a large outdoor area. 

    Valley Oak trees are particularly handsome and grow upwards of two feet per year. When twisted, their branches often droop to sweep the ground and produce deep green, rounded leaves that are deeply lobed. 

    Keep in mind, however, that although they are drought tolerant, having access to a water source is ideal for the growth of Valley Oak trees. 

    #7 Fruitless Olive ‘Wilsoni’ 

    ‘Wilsoni’ Olive Trees are beautiful, non-fruiting specimen that grow quickly and serve as evergreen shade trees. ‘Wilsoni’ is an ideal variety for landscaping and is a hardy and adaptable tree.

    The ‘Wilsoni’ Olive is the perfect option for landscaping as it boasts elegant, green-grey leaves and rarely sets fruit. If you’re prone to allergies, this is the perfect tree for you as it will not leave a mess of pollen around your yard. 

    Given its capacity to grow, it’s best for generously-sized lots.

    All The Ways Trees Can Boost Your Landscaping–and Life

    Whether the trees you choose to plant and nourish in your California yard take five or fifteen years to reach fruition, they offer more than pockets of shade and a pretty view from your window. Planting trees has a bevy of health and environmental benefits:

    • Curbs energy costs
    • Combats pollution
    • Raises the value of your home and your neighborhood
    • Reduces greenhouse gasses and aids in the fight against climate change
    • Leads to purer air
    • Increases biodiversity
    • Decreases the chances of flooding
    • Tempers stress and leads to a happier, more serene mood
    • Encourages your family to spend time outside
    • Offers greater privacy from looky-loo neighbors and passersby
    • Promotes wildlife
    • Provides solace

    Most of all, perhaps? Trees are living, growing, phenomenal creatures that can, over the years, become treasured members of your family. 

    Elevate Your California Landscaping With Plants Express

    Plants Express is just the type to write a poem about glorious trees—and sing songs that celebrate their beauty and grandeur.

    We also understand the urgency of wanting trees that grow quickly and gorgeously, the type of tree that will offer gratification soon while also becoming a meaningful piece of your California property over time. Our extensive collection of fast (and slow!) growing trees, flowers, and shrubs ensures you’ll find precisely what you need to create a haven in your backyard.


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