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Large Cape Rush

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Large Cape Rush

Large Cape Rush

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Mature height
6-8 ft.
Mature Width
4-6 ft.
Sun exposure
Sun/Part Sun
Grows Well in Zones
9, 10, 11
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Chondropetalum elephantinum (Elegia e.) is a striking accent plant with upright, arching, reed-like, evergreen clumping stems. This large beautiful, grass-like plant has dark brown flowers in narrow spikes that contrast nicely with the dark green stems. Planted for its graceful texture and form, Large Cape Rush creates drama in the landscape with movement and sound as it sways in the wind. This restio looks good in any garden style or large container and grows well in seaside gardens, near the shallows of a water garden, or in a waterwise garden. Drought tolerant once established but looks better with supplemental water as needed. Filtered light or afternoon shade may be best in hot inland climates.

There is confusion among many as this plant was originally known as Chondropetalum tectorum before undergoing a change in identity and nomenclature as the one species was reclassified into two species and also a new genus (Elegia). Chondropetalum elephantinum or Elegia elephantinum is the larger, more robust plant, growing to 6 feet tall or more. The true Chondropetalum tectorum (Elegia tectorum) is smaller with thinner stems. Adding to the confusion, this Large Cape Rush is dioecious, meaning male and female are borne on different plants resulting in subtle differences in flower spikes.

Plant care

Best in sandy well-drained soil. Water deeply and keep the soil just moist for the first few months to establish roots. May need supplemental water in spring during their active growing period until established. Allow space around the plant for good air circulation. Restios have a sensitive root system, giving them extra space in the garden will mean their roots are less likely to be disturbed due to digging or cultivation. Mulching will help suppress weeds and retain moisture.

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