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    Red Fountain Grass

    Pennisetum x advena 'Rubrum’ ('Cupreum')(P.setaceum 'Rubrum')

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    Pennisetum x advena Rubrum(P.setaceum Rubrum) (7994782613759)
    Pennisetum x advena Rubrum(P.setaceum Rubrum) (7994782613759)
    Pennisetum x advena Rubrum(P.setaceum Rubrum) (7994782613759)
    Pennisetum x advena Rubrum(P.setaceum Rubrum) (7994782613759)
    Pennisetum x advena Rubrum(P.setaceum Rubrum) (7994782613759)
    Pennisetum x advena Rubrum(P.setaceum Rubrum) (7994782613759)

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    Red Fountain Grass

    Red Fountain Grass

    Pennisetum x advena 'Rubrum’ ('Cupreum')(P.setaceum 'Rubrum')

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    Plant Type
    Grass, Perennial
    Evergreen, Semi-Evergreen
    Mature height
    3-5 ft.
    Mature Width
    3-6 ft.
    Sun exposure
    Full Sun
    Growth Rate
    Grows Well in Zones
    9, 10, 11
    Flowering Season
    Summer, Fall
    Flowering, Deer Resistant, Drought Tolerant
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    With its striking foliage and dramatic plumes, Red Fountain Grass is a beautiful ornamental grass that adds texture, color, and movement to any garden or landscape.

    Also known as purple fountain grass, Pennisetum x advena 'Rubrum’ ('Cupreum') is a popular drought tolerant grass that features long, slender leaves that are a rich, deep maroon color, which intensifies as the plant matures. The foliage forms a graceful, arching mound that is approximately 3 ft. tall and wide. In the summer, the plant produces long, fluffy, arching plumes that rise above the foliage on slender stems. The showy, bristly, bottlebrush-like flower spikes are burgundy then fade to beige as they age. In the winter this warm-season clumping grass will go dormant in cooler climates and the red leaves will transition to a straw-like color

    Pennisetum 'Rubrum' is a versatile plant that can be used in a variety of garden styles, including tropical, Mediterranean, and modern. It works well as a specimen plant or in groupings, and can also be used to add vertical interest to a mixed border or container garden. In the landscape, Red Fountain Grass adds movement and texture, and can soften the edges of hardscaping or create a privacy screen.

    Red Fountain Grass is relatively low-maintenance and drought tolerant. This beautiful ornamental grass adds graceful movement and dramatic color to the landscape. With its striking foliage, showy plumes, and easy care, Pennisetum x advena 'Rubrum’ is sure to be a gardener’s favorite.

    Plant care

    Red Fountain Grass is a low-maintenance plant that requires little care once established. It prefers full sun and well-drained soil.

    Water deeply and regularly the first few months after planting to allow the roots to grow and become established in the soil. To keep Pennisetum x advena 'Rubrum’('Cupreum') looking its best, it should be given adequate moisture, but fairly drought tolerant once established. It may benefit from occasional watering during prolonged dry spells. The overall height of Pennisetum 'Rubrum' is dependent on the amount of water it receives and the climate where it is grown. The height may be smaller under drier conditions.

    Prune annually in late winter or early spring to remove any dead foliage. Cut back the previous year's growth to 3-5 inches above the ground to promote fresh new growth.

    Fertilizer is not necessary but applying a balanced fertilizer like G&B Organics All Purpose Fertilizer (4-4-4) in spring will promote healthy growth.

    Pennisetum x advena 'Rubrum’ is a popular choice for landscaping and ornamental use. It is not considered invasive and does not easily reseed like some other Fountain Grasses.

    Pennisetum 'Rubrum' is hardy in USDA zones 9-11 and is generally considered to be evergreen in frost-free climates above 40 ℉. In colder climates, it will die back to the ground in the winter and reemerge in the spring. It is root hardy to 20- 25 ℉. It is sometimes treated as a summer annual in colder climates.

    Pennisetum x advena 'Rubrum’ was previously known as Pennisetum setaceum 'Rubrum’ until a plant breeder and taxonomist determined that the popular red fountain grasses are hybrids between P. macrostachyum and P. setaceum. Like its parent, P. macrostachyum, Pennisetum Rubrum is considered a tender perennial grass.

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