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    Mission Olive Tree

    Olea europaea 'Mission'

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    Mission Fruiting Olive Tree
    Mission Fruiting Olive Multi (7899166408959)

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    Mission Olive Tree

    Mission Olive Tree

    Olea europaea 'Mission'

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    Mature height
    25-40 ft.
    Mature Width
    15- 30 ft.
    Sun exposure
    Full Sun
    Growth Rate
    Grows Well in Zones
    8, 9, 10
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    The Mission Olive tree produces edible fruits loaded with antioxidants. While smaller than the Manzanillo fruit, the Mission olive boasts a higher oil content, making it the preferred choice for cold-pressed olive oil in the California olive oil industry.

    Aptly named, the 'Mission' olive is a California classic. Introduced to California in the late 1700s by the Franciscan monks, who purposefully planted these olive trees around the Spanish missions, it is valued for its dual purpose. This cold-hardy olive can be pressed for oil production and cured for eating, Described as nutty, mildly grassy, bright, smooth, and mild, the flavor depends on the degree of ripeness and harvest time. The olive oil possesses a slightly sweet and a distinctly buttery flavor.

    Olea europaea 'Mission' is a vigorous, erect tree reaching up to 30 ft. tall at maturity but can be maintained at a smaller size or shaped with routine pruning. The narrow grey-green foliage, thick and leathery with silvery undersides, contrasts beautifully with the matured, gnarled, dark trunk. Drought-tolerant, 'Mission' thrives in heat and is winter hardy to 12 degrees F. A very productive variety with a pollinator, start harvesting the Mission olive in the fall; the timing is based on the preferred color, either green or purplish-black, and the intended use, whether for pickling or oil extraction.

    Known for their longevity and resilience, olive trees are not only symbols of peace, wisdom, and prosperity but also magnificent evergreen trees. Their picturesque appearance enhances any landscape, whether in groves or as a single specimen.

    Popular for its dual uses as a table olive or oil production, the Mission Olive tree makes a beautiful addition to any garden, seamlessly combining functionality and aesthetics.

    Plant care

    Olives are highly adaptable trees and can tolerate a variety of soil types but perform best in slightly alkaline soils. Good drainage is essential if your olive tree is to survive and thrive . Plant in full sun with at least 8 hours of sunshine.

    Water deeply and regularly after planting until roots are established then reduce frequency. Deep and infrequent watering, like once a month, should be adequate in California once the trees are established.

    A thick layer of an organic mulch will help conserve water and reduce weeds but do not allow the mulch to touch the trunk. The trunk base should be at least six inches clear of mulch to help eliminate root disease or rot.

    Olive trees grown in containers will be smaller than a tree planted in the ground. Pruning or tip-pinching the branches will encourage more side growth and result in a shorter tree. Remove dead, damaged, or crossed branches and prune to maintain desired size and shape.

    Olives will fruit on one-year old branches grown the previous year. Pruning these branches will reduce your fruit potential for the season but shaping your tree early on is important. In general, pruning should be minimal.

    Olive trees are easy to grow but should not be planted near paved areas where the fallen ripe fruit will stain the surface and can be tracked indoors on shoes. If you want the look of the Olive tree but don’t want the messy fruit clean-up, consider buying an ornamental olive like the Semi-Fruitless Wilson Olive or the dwarf, non-fruiting, olive shrub, 'Little Ollie'.

    If you want a bountiful harvest and are ready to buy your fruiting olive tree, consider the following factors when choosing the location to plant:

    • Fruiting is best in areas where the average winter temperatures are 50℉ or colder. Hot winter temperatures will inhibit fruit production.
    • Although the tree is cold hardy to 12℉, the green fruit will be damaged by cold temperatures at 32℉ or less.
    • Wind, especially hot & dry winds, can cause young fruit to drop or damage the small flowers that develop into fruits; plant in a location that has protection from the wind.
    • Self-pollinating olives do not need other varieties to produce fruit but you will get more fruit with another variety.
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    Q: Are Olives healthy?
    A: Olives and olive oil are a key component of the healthy Mediterranean diet. Olives contain monounsaturated fats known as oleic acid, a healthy fat with benefits. Olives are also loaded with vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin E, and rich with antioxidants.

    Q: Can freshly-picked olives be eaten straight from the tree?
    A: Freshly-picked olives are generally not palatable. Olives contain a bitter compound called oleuropein. Curing olives removes the bitterness.

    Q: What is the California-style for processed olives?
    A: There are many different methods used to cure olives. The California-style, developed in 1898 by Freda Ehmann, is a soaking method where ripe green olives are immersed into a solution for seven days to leach out the bitterness followed by a series of cold-water rinses. An additional oxidation process, known as the California black-ripe curing method, uniformly changes the color of the olives from green to black, sweetens the fruit, and softens the pulp.

    Q: Are olives a fruit or vegetable?
    A: Olives are a stone fruit known as a drupe, a fleshy fruit with a single pit that contains a seed. Other common drupes include cherry, peach, plum, mango, or walnut.

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