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    Podocarpus Gracilior

    Podocarpus gracilior

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    Podocarpus Gracilior Column (7823952707839)
    Podocarpus Gracilior Column (7823952707839)
    Podocarpus Gracilior Column (7823952707839)
    Podocarpus Gracilior Column (7823952707839)

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    Podocarpus Gracilior

    Podocarpus Gracilior

    Podocarpus gracilior

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    Mature height
    40-50 ft.
    Mature Width
    20-40 ft.
    Sun exposure
    Sun/Part Sun
    Growth Rate
    Grows Well in Zones
    9, 10, 11
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    Add lush elegance to your landscaping with Podocarpus gracilior, in column or tree form. The beautiful evergreen, closely set narrow green leaves create a dense, luxuriant, fern-like appearance. The soft and graceful appearance of the Fern Pine makes it a popular choice as a hedge in the garden.

    The Fern Pine can be grown in many forms such as a column, tree, or espalier and is known by many names such as African Fern Pine, East African Yellow Wood, or Afrocarpus. The Fern Pine is ideal for both novice and more advanced gardeners as it is low maintenance, drought tolerant, and easy to grow.

    Podocarpus gracilior grows moderately fast and in no time you can create a retreat in your yard or block out less desirable views with your Fern Podocarpus hedge or privacy screen. The Fern Pine can also be used as a windbreak or planted as a single specimen column to soften the look of patio hardscape or architecture. As a tree, Fern Pine can reach a height of 50 feet, but as a column the size and shape can easily be maintained with pruning or shearing, a characteristic that makes it ideal for a small garden or tight spaces.

    Podocarpus gracilior brings an abundance of beauty and elegance to its surroundings and provides a year-round interest with its dark green fern-like foliage. Create your own lush private retreat in your yard by ordering your Fern Pine today.

    Plant Care

    When you plant a Fern Podocarpus Column, choose a location with full sun exposure or a site that has minimal shade. The Fern Pine grows best in well-drained soil, and can adapt to a wide variety of soils.

    Water your newly planted Fern Podocarpus Column deeply and regularly for the first few weeks. This will help ensure the tree grows a strong root system. Once established Fern Podocarpus Column will tolerate mild drought.

    Feed your Podocarpus gracilior once a year in spring, before new growth begins, with a balanced fertilizer like Gardner & Bloome 4-4-4 Organic All Purpose Fertilizer for the best results.

    Prune your Fern Podocarpus to maintain its shape and size. Regular periodic pruning may be required to sustain a smaller size. Pruning also helps your Fern Podocarpus Column stay dense and lush looking. Pruning is essentially an investment in your plant that your Fern Pine will appreciate

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    Q: Is Podocarpus gracilior the same as Afrocarpus gracilior?
    A: Yes, the African Fern Pine has long been grown and sold as Podocarpus gracilior in the U.S. but was reclassified by Taxonomists as Afrocarpus gracilior when the Podocarpus genus was split up due to the differences in the fruit supporting structure. Whichever name you call it, we’ll deliver it to your home.

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