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Rio Red Grapefruit Bush

Citrus Grapefruit 'Rio Red' Semi-Dwarf

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Rio Red Grapefruit Bush
Rio Red Grapefruit Bush

Images shown are of mature plants.

Rio Red Grapefruit Bush

Rio Red Grapefruit Bush

Citrus Grapefruit 'Rio Red' Semi-Dwarf

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Mature height
8-10 ft.
Mature Width
6-8 ft.
Sun exposure
Full Sun
Growth Rate
Grows Well in Zones
9, 10, 11
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Plants Express is proud to offer the Rio Red Grapefruit Tree to our customers. The stunning appearance and delicious fruit of this vigorous tree make it an ideal addition to any outdoor space. The grapefruits from the Rio Red variety are prized for their size, sweetness, and juiciness, and their beautiful reddish-pink flesh and blushing rind. Usually, you can pick the fruit any time in the winter. This is not your typical bitter grapefruit, Rio Red is sweet and juicy - no sugar needed! The delicately tart flavor is a favorite of home gardeners in hot inland climates where high heat is required for the best flavor and color. A tasty grapefruit that is great for juicing, cocktails, or fresh eating.The Rio Red Grapefruit Tree is an excellent option for both seasoned green thumbs and those new to gardening because of its resilience and low maintenance requirements. Rio Red Grapefruit is self-fruitful and does not require pollination. In addition, it thrives in heat and sunlight, making it an excellent selection for California’s hotter inland gardens. The evergreen, glossy green leaves create a lush green canopy that is perfect for a summer picnic under some shade. This citrus tree requires little maintenance; just an annual trim in the winter or spring and a dose of balanced fertilizer once a year. Once established, it can withstand dry conditions and thrives in full sun. It can also resist illness. Add some flavorful and nutritious fruit to your garden by ordering a Rio Red Grapefruit Tree from Plants Express today!

Plant Care

Citrus needs full sun, moist soil, and aerated soil. Fast drainage is essential. Water regularly and consistently the first year for deep roots. Reduce frequency after plant is established but water deeply. In spring, feed with a balanced fertilizer in spring and prune erratic growth or shape as desired.

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