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    Caring for plants and trees has personal and environmental benefits. Indoor plants can help purify the air, outdoor gardens help all of us get outside and engage with our natural environment. Children can help plant fruit and citrus trees, watch them grow and ultimately, grow their own food! Suffice to say, our community is happier than most. Why is that? Simply put, human beings generally feel happier and more optimistic in surroundings with plants and nature.

    Throughout our office, plants are on desks, window sills and frankly, anywhere our team desires. We care for them, not only improving our mood, but enhancing the beauty of our office.

    Our community emails, calls and sends us text messages highlighting proud plant moments in real time. Maybe an avocado tree is fully ripe or a succulent looked stunning at sunset or the entire family has made gardening a weekly event.

    We love seeing, listening and hearing how plants and trees make each and every home a better place.

    Plant Community