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    Meyer Lemon Bush

    Citrus × meyeri 'Improved'

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    Meyer Lemon Bush (7863713530111)
    Meyer Lemon Bush (7863713530111)

    Images shown are of mature plants.

    Meyer Lemon Bush

    Meyer Lemon Bush

    Citrus × meyeri 'Improved'

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    Mature height
    6-8 ft.
    Mature Width
    6-8 ft.
    Sun exposure
    Full Sun
    Growth Rate
    Grows Well in Zones
    8, 9, 10, 11
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    This Meyer Lemon Bush is a hybrid between an orange and a lemon that is less acidic and sweeter than a true lemon - making Meyer Lemon the favorite lemon of homeowners. The attractive fruit has a thin, smooth yellow-orange rind and is a bit more rounded. Use the lemon juice in beverages and cooking. This nearly thornless lemon tree is smaller than Eureka and easy to maintain desired size in a container. The Meyer Lemon Bush is also useful as an espalier or tree. Self-fertile. Harvest fruit in Fall and Spring. Protect from cold temperatures below 32F.

    Plant Care

    The Meyer Lemon Bush needs full sun, moist and aerated soil. Fast drainage for this citrus is essential. Water the lemon Bush regularly and consistently the first year for deep roots. Reduce frequency after the plant is established but water deeply. In spring, feed the Meyer Lemon with Gardner & Bloome 8-4-2 Organic Citrus & Fruit Tree Fertilizer. During the spring months you can prune erratic growth or shape as desired.

    The Meyer Lemon Bush is easy to grow in the garden, patio, balcony, or even indoors. For outdoor growing plant your Meyer Lemon in a location that is wind-free, frost-free, and will receive at least 8 hours of full sun in a well draining soil that is porous and aerated.  You may need to add soil amendments like Gardner & Bloome Organics Planting Mix Premium Garden Soil or Kellogg Garden Organics Gromulch 2-in-1 Planting Mix & Mulch to improve drainage if your soil is a heavy clay. Protect your citrus bush from frost with the use of frost cloth when temperatures drop, or plant in a sheltered location close to a house or structure.

    Water your Meyer Lemon regularly and consistently the first year to develop deep roots. As the roots become established in the ground you may reduce the frequency.  Avoid standing water and keep away from shallow frequent watering. In the ground, citrus prefer deep watering less frequently. So many factors will determine how often to water such as temperature, soil porosity, wind, and tree size. Fertilize with Gardner & Bloome 8-4-2 Organic Citrus & Fruit Tree Fertilizer in spring.

    If you decide to grow this Meyer Lemon Bush indoors then be sure to provide optimum growing conditions such as 8 to 12 hours of sunlight or use grow lights for supplemental lighting. Humidity is another important element for your indoor Meyer Lemon especially in the colder, winter months when the use of heaters to warm the home leads to low indoor humidity that is less than ideal for your Meyer. Simply use a spray bottle filled with water and mist the leaves  or use a humidifier to increase humidity. It is also essential to maintain evenly moist soil, not wet and soggy or dry and crusty.  Use a soil mix that is porous and well draining like Kellogg Palm & Cactus Mix.

    Pruning is an essential investment for your lemon and has several benefits such as promoting new growth, improving air circulation, and increased fruit production. During the spring months, prune erratic growth, damaged branches, or shape as desired.  All citrus trees are grafted and any new growth that appears below the graft union (generally 4-8 inches from the soil) should be removed immediately with clean, sharp pruners. These vigorous branches or “suckers” are from the root stock and rob energy from the fruiting wood. To prevent damage or disease to your citrus tree, use pruners that are clean and sharp.

    Mulching can help conserve ground moisture and help suppress weed growth. Apply a layer of mulch that is 2 or 3 inches deep and keep mulch away from the base of the trunk (at least 6 inches) to avoid disease or rot.

    Meyer Lemon Bush Features
    • The scent of citrus will provide a long lasting fragrance.
    • Meyer Lemon Bush does really well indoors and outside. 
    • The bush produces sizable lemons and is hassle-free.
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